In Case You are Wondering
Just What Is Cremation?

Cremation is the process of using heat and flame to reduce the human body to ash, bone, and mineral fragments.  It is an alternative to burying the body in a casket.  The remaining fragments are processed to a consistent size and placed in the container specified by the family.

Why Do People Choose Cremation?

The basic reasons are personal.  Some choose cremation for environmental or economic reasons.  For others it is simply an individual preference.  Others follow religious beliefs.

Do All Religions Approve of Cremation

Some religions do not recommend cremation; others prefer it. Most permit individual choice.  Among those not permitting cremation are Orthodox Judaism, Islam, Eastern Orthodox, and some Fundamentalist Christian faiths.  Always confer with your religious leader if you are uncertain.

May the Cremation be Attended?

An option offered by Cardinal Cremation Society is for those designated by the family be permitted to attend the placement of the cremation container into the cremator and the beginning of the process.  Our crematory is specifically designed to accommodate attended cremations.

What Becomes of the Cremated Remains?

Cremated remains may be placed for permanent memorialization in a traditional cemetery space, a cremation garden, in a specially configured mausoleum space, kept at home, or scattered.  Some states specify where cremated remains may not be scattered.

Who Can Legally Authorize My Cremation?

Because cremation is an irreversible act, state legislation stipulates who may authorize your cremation. Your legal next of kin must provide written permission before cremation can take place. Legal authority varies from state to state and can have a significant impact on how your wishes are carried out. In Kentucky, the order of authorization is:

  1. You, if you have completed a Funeral Planning Declaration Form. Once executed, you are the only one who can change it. The form is available at our office.
  2. The person you named as the designee or alternate designee in a Funeral Planning Declaration Form.
  3. The person named by you in a U.S. Department of Defense form “Record of Emergency Data”, if you die while serving in any branch of the United States Armed Forces.
  4. You, if you completed a Preneed Cremation Authorization form before July 15, 2016,
  5. Your surviving spouse.
  6. Your surviving adult children, or if more than one, a majority of your adult surviving children.
  7. Your surviving parent(s).
  8. Your surviving adult grandchildren, or if more than one, a majority of your adult surviving grandchildren
  9. Your surviving adult sibling, or if more than one, a majority of your adult surviving siblings.
  10. Your next degree of kinship under KRS 391.010, or if more than one, a majority of your next degree of kinship.
  11. If none of the above are available, one of the following who attests in writing showing good-faith effort to contact any of the of the individuals above, your cremation may be authorized by”
    1. A person willing to act and arrange for you final disposition; or
    2. A funeral home that has a valid prepaid funeral plan that makes arrangement for your disposition.
  12. The District Court in the county of your residence or the county in which the funeral home is located.
Can I Authorize My Own Cremation Before My Death?

Yes. By completing a Funeral Planning Declaration Form, you may authorize your own cremation OR name a designee to carry out your wishes. After completion of the form, only you can change it. The form is available at our office.

How Do I Join Cardinal Cremation Society
  • You download the application
  • You fill it out
  • You may if you wish choose your package
  • You mail the application and check to us
  • You are added to our membership
  • You will receive your membership card and a copy of your application
  • When the need arises your plan will be provided at the Member’s Price in effect at that time.
Can I Pay for My Cremation Plan Now?
  • You join Cardinal Cremation Society.
  • You pay today’s price for the plan you select.
  • You pay Cardinal Cremation Society by cash, check, or credit card.
  • Your funds are deposited in a trust account in your name.
  • When the need arises, your plan will be paid for by the value of the trust, including the original payments and all earned interest.
  • Important. . . No Fine Print
    • If you pay taxes, you may have to pay taxes on the interest your trust earns.
    • Should you need to qualify for benefits, your trust may be made irrevocable.
    • The prices for cremation plans and other charges are from our General Price List.